Founded in 1912, FTC Development, formerly known as Fidelity Trust Company, is a fourth generation business, but our ties to Chattanooga real estate and development precede the Civil War.  We have thrived for more than a century by constantly innovating and fearlessly promoting the interests of our clients, investors and stakeholders.  We believe that success is built upon a foundation of long term mutually beneficial relationships and never being satisfied with the status quo.

FTC is Chattanooga’s oldest real estate firm. Today, we provide full spectrum project management and development services to our portfolio companies and third parties on a fee basis.  

“We strive to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on the communities we serve and create an environment that allows for our clients to excel within their unique and sustainable spaces.”

J. Matthew McGauley

President & CEO



John F. Crabtree

Company Founder in 1912

We have developed a diverse portfolio of more than a million square feet of commercial real estate types including industrial, multifamily, traditional office, tech/creative office, medical office/clinic, restaurant, showroom, fitness, event space, education, special purpose and retail spaces.

FTC specializes in developing unique spaces that inspire.

We developed Chattanooga’s first LEED-Certified Building.

We constructed the longest whiteboard in Chattanooga.

We installed the longest interior LED light in Chattanooga.

We developed Chattanooga’s first and only Disco Restroom.

Your workplace should be more than just a place to work!

What FIRST can we create for your company?